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Bayer, the Fooskman Foundation, the Israel Innovation Authority and the NITSAN Lab have launched a new program for Israeli companies and innovators to propose affordable and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in India, specifically vegetable growers.  This exciting, unique opportunity aims to pilot proven solutions and adapt them to reach large-scale commercialization in India.

Applications for the 2023 cycle are now closed.

More than 30 Solutions have been submitted and are being evaluated.


Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce environmental affects (e.g. irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides)

Market Management

Market linkages to improve profits

Climate Smart

Climate smart solutions to increase their resilience to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Small-holder focus

Other solutions that address smallholder farmers' challenges on and beyond the farm

Loss Reduction

Post-harvest solutions to reduce losses

Gender-smart Solutions

Additionally, we are seeking gender smart solutions that can help decrease the gender gap and expand women access to land and resources and decision-making power


Agri-Impact is a joint venture by 




Israel Innovation Authority

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Fooksman Family Foundation

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The NITSAN Lan at

Tel Aviv University

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