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Nitsan is looking for

outstanding, self-driven, pioneering, innovative and adventurous Students

of all backgrounds

(engineering, economics, business, agriculture, data science and more)

to join its projects..

months in field sites, sometimes in demanding conditions. 

develop, implement and test innovative solutions to big problems

Gain experience in cutting edge, data-driven & evidence based research

credit, and write a thesis or final project.

are fully covered. Scholarships may be  available in specific cases.

Caution: NITSAN work is extremely demanding. Be warned. 
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Where will you be this summer?

Our field projects are based in Israel, South Asia and Africa

Don't join to get a degree. Join to make an impact. 

Meet Past Students

2021-22 Cohort 

2020-21 Cohort 

2019-20 Cohort 

Blue Background

2018-19 Cohort 

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