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Israel's First Experiential
Research Program in
Sustainable Development

Nitsan is looking for outstanding, pioneering, innovative and adventurous students:

The NITSAN Fellowship aims to connect TAU’s classrooms and laboratories to circumstances of poverty and environmental degradation across the developing world, and to educate the next generation of global problem solvers through an innovative, experiential curriculum. ​

The program works with the M.A.Program in Sustainable Development but is open to all TAU graduate students, from all backgrounds and disciplines. Candidates from engineering, social science, policy, data science and public health are especially welcome. Undergraduate students can be admitted in exceptional cases.

Fellows are expected to spend at least 3 months in field sites (according to research needs), and to commit to continue working on the project upon their return to Israel.  Travel costs are covered, and scholarships can be available for strong candidates. 

NITSAN fellows:

  • Take part in courses in cutting edge Sustainability Science.

  • Receive academic guidance and credit.

  • Conduct research using a mix of methods, with an emphasis on field work and the collection and analysis of empirical data

  • Write theses and papers on the basis of their field work.

Join Israel's first sustainable development experiential research program

Spend months in field sites in Asia and Africa

Develop deep understanding of complex challenges

Identify, pilot, test & adapt technologies with potential impact

Develop innovative interventions and business models

Lead cutting edge, data-driven & evidence based learning

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Where will you be this summer?

Our field projects are based in Israel, South Asia and Africa

Meet Our Past Students

2021 cohort 

Parallel Lines

2020 cohort 

2019 cohort 

Blue Background

2018 cohort 

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