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Israeli Innovation meets Sustainable Development, on the ground. 

The purpose of the NITSAN program at Tel Aviv University is to help Israeli technologies and innovations in agriculture, water, energy, education and other fields to realize their potential to advance the sustainable development goals.

Nitsan acts as a bridge between the Israeli experience and innovation system and the ground realities of developing countries.


NITSAN researchers work with local partners to test and adapt Israeli solutions in real field conditions, and develop business models that can overcome socio-economic barriers to their diffusion.

Lead Faculty

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Prof. Ram Fishman
Lead, Economics

Dr. Ram Fishman is a development and environment economist and an Associate Professor with the Department of Public Policy (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Tel Aviv University. 

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Prof. Hadas Mamane
Lead: Clean Water  

Dr. Hadas Mamane is an Associate Professor at the Engineering School, Tel-Aviv University, the head of Water-Energy Lab and the director of the Environmental Engineering Program

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