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Israel has a unique potential to advance the global sustainable development agenda in ways that vastly exceed its size. The purpose of the NITSAN Innovation Villages Program - a first of its kind in Israeli Academia - is to enable Israeli technology and its innovation system in agriculture, water, energy and other fields to diffuse and realize their potential to assist sustainable development in low-income settings. 
NITSAN acts as a bridge between Israeli expertise and its innovation ecosystem - in both the private and public sector - and the ground realities of developing countries in order to test and adapt Israeli solutions in the field, and to develop policies and business models that can overcome socio-economic barriers to the diffusion of these solutions.
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We carry out groundbreaking studies in the field of sustainability and development as well as practical activities that will drive Israeli technological knowledge to be expressed in developing countries in order to achieve these goals. Our research combines intensive, evidence based field work with sophisticated statistical data analysis techniques.
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